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So Thankful for the Difference
"I am truly amazed and so thankful for the difference that the Thought Rewirement program has made in my life. In just a short 6 weeks I am changing and that is amazing, for I am 61 years old. Thought patterns that have been with me for decades of negative and/or anxious thinking are beginning to change. In that, I have so much less negative self chatter going on in my brain and whenever I feel myself getting stressed or anxious about something I quickly go to one of the strategies learned in the Thought Rewirement program. The result, to my delight, is that everything seems to always work itself out!

Deborah has been my life coach for the past 16 years and I'm super thankful that she has introduced me to and guided me through this life-changing program!"

A Living Part of My Life
"Deborah's unique combination of enthusiasm and loving support created the perfect experience in this program. It is the first time a program's tools have become a living part of my life rather than a set of learned ideas I hoped would be useful. I have gone from spinning through negative thoughts that arise in life difficulties to a new ability in moving into genuine loving kindness and acceptance. It has changed a lifetime of difficulty to an empowerment I have never had. Deborah's joyful spirit and creativity is a gift in my life!"

Life-Changing Encouragement
"I want to thank you for inviting me to your six-week Thought Rewirement program. I have been very interested in working with my negative voices and have tried many different avenues, but this is the first one that I can say has changed my life. Working with you as a coach guiding and encouraging me throughout the program, I feel much calmer now and able to work on areas of my life that I have been avoiding. Thank you for coaching with a kind heart while moving me forward to have what I want and feeling great getting there."