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Deborah is here to
Shake Up Your Thoughts
Each Thursday

Shake up
to Wake up
your Life!

A Living Part of My Life
"Deborah's unique combination of enthusiasm and loving support created the perfect experience in this program. It is the first time a program's tools have become a living part of my life rather than a set of learned ideas I hoped would be useful. I have gone from spinning through negative thoughts that arise in life difficulties to a new ability in moving into genuine loving kindness and acceptance. It has changed a lifetime of difficulty to an empowerment I have never had. Deborah's joyful spirit and creativity is a gift in my life!"

Life-Changing Encouragement
"I want to thank you for inviting me to your six-week Thought Rewirement program. I have been very interested in working with my negative voices and have tried many different avenues, but this is the first one that I can say has changed my life. Working with you as a coach guiding and encouraging me throughout the program, I feel much calmer now and able to work on areas of my life that I have been avoiding. Thank you for coaching with a kind heart while moving me forward to have what I want and feeling great getting there."