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Deborah is here to
Shake Up Your Thoughts
Each Thursday

Shake up
to Wake up
your Life!

About Thought Shaker Thursday

The original Thought Shakers movement, created and led by Deborah Todd, was formed in 2008 with a group of courageous women willing to shake up their thoughts to wake up their life. This community circle has evolved to become Thought Shaker Thursday™, bringing thought awareness to women, despite their life circumstances, with the purpose of waking up for intentional living.

What is a Thought Shaker Thursday™ community circle?

  • A group of women seeking more fulfillment and meaning in their lives
  • A place where thought-awareness topics are introduced and shake up the status quo
  • A wake-up opportunity to choose intentional living

. . . all in a supportive community circle environment.

See what
Thought Shaker Thursday
is all about!

What People Love About Thought Shaker Thursday

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Wouldn't you like to create a life that you love?

It all starts with our thoughts.

If we are continually re-running thoughts that communicate everything that is not going well, or how we are deficient, what do you think we will create in our life? More of that! Not fun!

If we can replace the negative thoughts with positive affirmations, not only are we creating a more joyful attitude, but every aspect of our life will begin to shift toward a life that we love.

I know, this happened to me and my life is filled with more joy and pointed in the direction of my dreams.

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